Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)


12 Months Ended
Dec. 31, 2019
Accounting Policies [Abstract]  
Revenue, Remaining Performance Obligation, Expected Timing of Satisfaction We expect to recognize as revenue the following amounts related to our remaining performance obligations as of December 31, 2019, inclusive of the foreign exchange impact:
Performance Obligation Balance
(In millions)
Less than 1 year $ 30.7   
1 to 3 years 41.1   
3 to 5 years 23.8   
Thereafter 47.0   
Total remaining performance obligation $ 142.6   
Reconciliation of Weighted-Average Outstanding Shares Used in Calculations of Basic and Diluted EPS A reconciliation of the weighted-average outstanding shares used in the two calculations is as follows:
  Twelve Months Ended
December 31,
  2019 2018 2017
  (In millions)
Weighted-average shares outstanding (basic) 120.9    120.4    120.1   
Effect of dilutive securities:      
Stock options and restricted stock units 1.1    1.0    1.4   
Weighted-average shares outstanding (diluted) 122.0    121.4    121.5   
Useful Life of Other Purchased Intangible Assets All of our other purchased intangible assets are also amortized on a straight-line basis.
Asset Useful Life
  (In years)
Purchased data files 2 to 15
Acquired software and technology 1 to 10
Non-compete agreements 1 to 5
Proprietary database 6 to 10
Customer relationships 2 to 25
Trade names 1 to 15
Assets and Liabilities Measured at Fair Value on Recurring Basis
The following table presents assets and liabilities measured at fair value on a recurring basis:

    Fair Value Measurements at Reporting Date Using:
Description Fair Value at December 31, 2019 Quoted Prices in Active Markets for Identical Assets (Level 1) Significant Other Observable Inputs (Level 2) Significant Unobservable Inputs (Level 3)
  (In millions)
Assets and Liabilities:        
Deferred Compensation Plan Assets (1)
$ 40.1    $ 40.1    $ —    $ —   
Deferred Compensation Plan Liability (1)
(40.1)   —    (40.1)   —   
Total assets and liabilities $ —    $ 40.1    $ (40.1)   $ —   

(1) We maintain deferred compensation plans that allow for certain management employees to defer the receipt of compensation (such as salary, incentive compensation and commissions) until a later date based on the terms of the plans. The liability representing benefits accrued for plan participants is valued at the quoted market prices of the participants’ investment elections. The asset consists of mutual funds reflective of the participants investment selections and is valued at daily quoted market prices.