Driving the Global Economy Forward with Cloud Technology

Equifax, Inc. is a leading global data, analytics, and technology company leveraging cloud technology to drive the global economy forward. Our proprietary software tools use advanced statistical techniques and machine learning algorithms to analyze data sourced from numerous consumer and business databases, such as credit, financial assets, telecommunications and utility payments, employment, income, demographic, and marketing data.

Our company dates back to 1899 and since then, countless financial institutions, corporations, government agencies, and individuals have come to rely on the comprehensive insights our products and services offer to make critical financial decisions with greater confidence.

Company Information

Equifax at a Glance


Business Units (EWS, USIS, INTL) in which we provide our products and services


Countries in which we do business





As of Mar. 22, 2024 • 2024 Proxy Statement

Providing a Wide Breadth of Capabilities

Each of our operating segments provides products and services that help our customers make better, more informed financial decisions using real-time analytics and insights derived from a broad array of data assets.

Workforce Solutions

Our Workforce Solutions segment operates in the U.S. through two business units: Verification Services and Employer Services. This segment provides services that allow employers to verify income and employment, as well as automate certain payroll-related and human resource management processes. These services also help our employer customers with managing employee onboarding, tax credits and incentives, unemployment cost management, I-9 management and compliance, tax form management, and Affordable Care Act management services throughout the full cycle of the employment relationship.

Business Units

  • Verification Services
  • Employer Services

Operating Revenue from 2020-2023 (in millions)

Source: 10-K 2023

U.S. Information Solutions

Our U.S. Information Solutions (USIS) operating segment provides U.S. businesses with consumer and commercial information solutions via three distinct product and service lines: Online Information Solutions, Mortgage Solutions, and Financial Marketing Services. USIS services include online information solutions, decision-making technology solutions, fraud and identity management services, analytical services, portfolio management services, mortgage reporting, and marketing services.

Product Lines

  • Online Information Solutions
  • Mortgage Solutions
  • Financial Marketing Services

Operating Revenue from 2020-2023 (in millions)

Source: 10-K 2023


Our International operating segment is comprised of our Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and Canada business units. The products and services we provide through this segment are similar to those offered through our USIS business, however, each one is tailored to meet the distinct needs of customers in each of the geographic regions in which we operate. Additionally, we provide an array of information, technology, and services to support debt collections and recovery management across these regions.


  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • Canada

Operating Revenue from 2020-2023 (in millions)

Source: 10-K 2023

Markets & Clients

As of Dec. 31, 2023 • 10-K 2023

(1) Predominantly sold to companies who serve the direct-to-consumer market and includes other small end-user markets. Mortgage and auto resellers are excluded from this category as they are included within their respective categories above.

(2) Other includes revenue from other miscellaneous end-user markets.

Products & Services

We provide a broad range of key products and services offered by each business unit within our segments.

Equifax Cloud Data Fabric Capabilities

At Equifax, we pride ourselves on having the only global, cloud-native platforms that enable teams to work in parallel and create holistic solutions. In 2020, we made great strides toward our transition to the Equifax Cloud (EFX Cloud, or Data Fabric), which allows for the creation of compliant, multi-data products and solutions that have the potential to yield more powerful, predictive insights.

During this transformation, we migrated over 50 billion records, 47,000 customers, and over 1 million contributors in the process. By moving from over 80 data silos, we also created the opportunity to standardize and organize data from multiple sources into a seamless and comprehensive Cloud with logical separation and governing rules. With this drastically simplified architecture, we can provide products and services that address customer, regulatory, and security needs at a much faster pace.

Key Results


Launched multi-data asset-based products that would not have been possible without the Equifax Cloud.


Significant reduction in time to run batches. One customer saw time decrease from roughly 100 hours to about an hour.


Top-line growth from innovation.

Strategy: EFX 2023


Accelerate Innovation and New Products

We are ramping up investments in product innovation to facilitate new product rollouts.

Leverage Equifax Cloud Capabilities

We’re leveraging our EFX Cloud infrastructure to bring companywide growth and accelerate innovation.

Expand Differentiated Data Assets

We’re expanding and deepening our differentiated data assets through organic actions, partnerships, and M&A.

Put Customers First

We’re relentlessly focused on a customer-first mentality and delivering solutions that help empower their decisions and drive their growth.

Execute Bolt-on M&A

We are reinvesting our free cash flow in smart, strategic, and accretive bolt-on acquisitions, that expand and strengthen our capabilities while growing annual revenue from M&A.

Continue Leadership in Security

We continue to lead the industry in data security and foster a company culture that is committed to ensuring data security.

One Team, One Equifax

We’re leveraging our commercial strengths, new products, and capabilities across our EFX Cloud platform while working together as a unified global Equifax team.

Focus Areas per Operating Segment

Workforce Solutions

  • Focusing on record growth.
  • Growing I-9.
  • Transforming digital.
  • Creating new products for Mortgage.
  • Developing new solutions for Government.
  • Increasing talent solutions.

U.S. Information Solutions

  • Growing in core markets.
  • Building emerging businesses.
  • Leveraging our innovation engine.


  • Enhancing technology platforms and services.
  • Enabling new insights.
  • Building ID and Fraud capabilities.
  • Expanding financial collections.
  • Continuing to explore and develop strategies for growth.
Making a Positive Impact on the World

Making a Positive Impact on the World

At Equifax, we make it a priority to utilize our position as global leaders in data, analytics, and technology to better serve the communities in which we operate.

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Top-tier Talent Behind Our Processes

Our leadership team consists of a diverse group of talented individuals who are committed to achieving and maintaining our high standards of corporate governance, ethics, and integrity.

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