Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)


12 Months Ended
Dec. 31, 2021
Business Combinations [Abstract]  
Estimated Fair Value of Net Assets Acquired and Liabilities Assumed at Acquisition Dates The following table summarizes the estimated fair value of the net assets acquired and the liabilities assumed at the acquisition dates during 2021 and 2020.
  December 31,
2020 (3)
  (In millions)
Cash $ 5.2  $ 9.7 
Accounts receivable and other current assets 43.1  2.5 
Other assets 26.6  2.7 
Identifiable intangible assets (1)
1,094.1  59.5 
Goodwill (2)
1,842.7  58.3 
Total assets acquired 3,011.7  132.7 
Other current liabilities (27.2) (6.4)
Other liabilities (43.7) (15.0)
Net assets acquired $ 2,940.8  $ 111.3 
(1)Identifiable intangible assets are further disaggregated in the following table.

(2)The goodwill related to the 2021 acquisitions were recognized in the Workforce Solutions, USIS and International operating segments. $1.4 billion of goodwill related to 2021 acquisitions, with the exception of goodwill related to Kount within USIS and AccountScore within International, was tax deductible. The goodwill related to the 2020 acquisitions were recognized in the International and USIS operating segments. The goodwill related to the International and USIS acquisitions in 2020 are not deductible for tax purposes.

(3)The above reflects the total net assets recorded from the purchase of the remaining interest of the India joint venture, inclusive of the gain due to remeasurement of the prior equity interest.
Acquired Intangible Assets Fair Value and Weighted-Average Useful Life The primary reasons the purchase price of these acquisitions exceeded the fair value of the net assets acquired, which resulted in the recognition of goodwill, were expanded growth opportunities from new or enhanced product offerings and geographies, cost savings from the elimination of duplicative activities and the acquisition of an assembled workforce that are not recognized as assets apart from goodwill.
December 31,
2021 2020
Intangible asset category Fair value Weighted-average useful life Fair value Weighted-average useful life
  (in millions) (in years) (in millions) (in years)
Proprietary database $ 562.3  14.5 $ 48.2  12.3
Purchased data files 207.0  15.0 —  0.0
Customer relationships 160.7  10.0 10.6  10.0
Acquired software and technology 146.3  6.0 0.3  3.0
Trade names and other intangible assets 11.3  2.0 0.3  2.0
Non-compete agreements 6.5  4.5 0.1  5.0
Total acquired intangibles $ 1,094.1  12.6 $ 59.5  11.7